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Key Roles

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The overall objective of PPLOG

  • To set standard guidelines for oxygen within children services

  • To establish standard guidelines for oxygen weaning within tertiary and community settings

  • To streamline the discharge process for children on home oxygen therapy

  • To facilitate educational programmes for hospital staff preparing to discharge a child on home oxygen therapy

  • To support the families with evidence-based information on how to care for their child on home oxygen therapy

  • To set a platform and create a Pan London Oxygen protocol for education and management of all children on oxygen therapy within tertiary and community settings

  • The PPLOG to audit every setting using the set guidelines/pathways annually through staff, parents and children satisfaction feedback

  • Guidelines and pathways to be reviewed every three years or earlier if advised of new evidence-based practices


PPLOG has ensured that the content delivered at the study days or workshops does not conflict with current local practices and policies.

PPLOG has worked closely with CCG, NHS London, Neonatal Network, Contract Management Board and all relevant professionals within London and outside London to gain critical feedback of the document and its use within hospital & community settings. The study day and workshop ensure that state that any changes in practice should be done through local clinical governance groups.

In order to manage the group, we have developed a constitution (annual review) and terms of reference.

Key Roles

In England, current practices of caring for children with oxygen therapy within the tertiary and community settings were identified by a group of health professionals as not evidence-based.

In 2016, a Respiratory Nurse with a link to all of the Children’s Services in London encouraged as many Children’s Nurses including Community Neonatal Nurses to share their concerns and find solutions to make the transition from hospital to the home of every child on oxygen therapy seamless.

Once PPLOG was established, it played a role in leading the initiative of the Discharge bundle through the knowledge and experience of Respiratory Nurses, Community Children’s Nurses and Community Neonatal Nurses. Its implementation was delivered through PPLOG study days as part of bringing a set of standard guidelines that will ensure the management of children on oxygen therapy is safe and uniform within the London region.


Caroline Lock
Air Liquide – London region

Tendai Nzirawa (Chair)
Eastern AHSN

Rebecca Smith (Secretary)
Barts Health NHS Trust, London

Abigail Beddow (Secretary)
Barts Health NHS Trust, London

Tamsyn Hernandez
St Thomas Hospital, London

Tyree Rawsthorne
Meadway Health Centre, Manchester

Sook Lin Yap

Alison Camden
Queen Marys Hospital, Sidcup, Kent,
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Miri Osinibi
Kings College Hospital
PPLOG South West England key stakeholder

Emilie Maughan
King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Carol O’Malley
Bromley Healthcare

Joanna Broderick (now PPLOG reviewer)
Children & Family Health Devon, Exeter

Tori Hadaway (Community Children Specialist Asthma Nurse)
Barts Health

Ceara Turner 
Bromley Healthcare, London

Billie Coverly
Kings College Hospital, London

Evan Williams
Air Liquide - Respiratory Advisor
PPLOG South West England Key Stakeholder

PPLOG members

It was difficult to only state the key contributors because each person has contributed greatly to how PPLOG has developed bringing different skills and knowledge. All PPLOG members are involved in different elements of the Discharge bundle, facilitate PPLOG study days, develop and review pathways/guidance.

Caroline Lock

Respiratory Nurse Advisor
Air Liquide Healthcare Limited, Home Oxygen Suppliers, London

As the founding member, I recognised that there were many common problems associated with managing children on home oxygen therapy. There was an opportunity to develop a paediatric forum to bring knowledge, experience and to share resolutions. Since its inception in 2016, the group has evolved and developed beyond recognition and is now widely regarded as leading in the field of home oxygen therapy.

Debbie Roots

Cardiorespiratory Nurse Consultant
Adult Cardiorespiratory Enhanced and Responsive Service (ACERS)
Homerton University Hospital

Debbie is currently a respiratory nurse consultant at Homerton University Hospital in Hackney, London. She manages leads and develops four services Respiratory, heart failure, TB and Allergy.
Her background is in respiratory nursing in both community and secondary care-up to ward manager until 2010 when she moved into the community. Since then she has lead respiratory services and improved care for respiratory patients. She is a Queen's nurse and also co-chair of the London clinical oxygen network. Debbie is passionate about respiratory care and aims to improve services and support better care.

Mira Osinibi

Paediatric respiratory specialist nurse & Smoking cessation adviser for Paediatric service
Kings College Hospital

I have started working with PPLOG to establish smoking cessation in respiratory paediatric services including patient’s parents and young adults with Oxygen requirement.

Rebecca Smith

Paediatric Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Barts Health NHS Trust


I joined PPLOG in 2017, with the passion and interest to standardise practice across London. I soon became Chair of the group and thrived on the challenge of improving pathways and implementing them. I am now the secretary for PPLOG and am continuing to be part of an enthusiastic, committed and specialist group.  We are continuously improving pathways to standardise care, which has and will continue to provide the best outcomes for patients and families.

Tendai Nzirawa

RN(Adult), RSCN, BSc, MSc
Maternity Clinical Improvement Lead
Eastern Academic Health Science Network 

January 2021 appointed as the Chairperson of the PPLOG.

Tendai has worked in various health care settings including adult community, neonatal community, paediatric A&E and wards. Her passion has always been about improving patient care and making all services as safe as possible without compromising quality.

Tyree Rawsthorne 

Community Children's Nurse Sister 
Meadway Health Centre

Abigail Dedaah Beddow

Abigail Dedaah Beddow

Paediatric Capacity Manager
Abigail currently works for Barts Health NHS Trust in her current role since June 2020, her background is in Paediatric Nursing. Prior to this post she worked as a Children’s Community Team Leader for over 5 years, it was in this capacity that her love for respiratory nursing grew. She gained a lot of experience caring for children who required home oxygen therapy and was able to utilise the standards developed by PPLOG in practice. Abigail is an award winner for ‘Improvement to quality of service’ in 2019, this was due to her increased interest and passion for quality improvement. She strives in developing and contributing to projects that aid in standardising practice locally and nationally, hence why she joined PPLOG in 2017 when it was first founded. She has been a committed member ever since and was appointed to be a secretary in 2018.

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