PPLOG presents at the Bliss webinar – Supporting Diverse Families with Vulnerable Babies – April 2022

Great feedback about the webinar, just had to share with you,

Thank you to Bliss – National Charity for the Newborn for sharing

Question: Were the speakers/facilitators knowledgeable?

100% of attendees said yes. Attendees also left lovely comments such as “excellent speakers with up to date information” and “clearly experts within their field.”

How do you plan to use the learnings from today in your practice?

Many said they would be circulating the learnings with their teams, improving access to interpreters or language support, and working to involve families more. There were also some lovely comments about your specific presentation;

“I will definitely take some of the information about RSV forward to better educate parents.”

“Stressing the importance of RSV vaccines so neonatal nurses are supportive of these measures to keep babies healthy and safe”

Question: What do you feel was the highlight of the day? Why?

The majority of attendees felt that your session was the highlight of the day! We received some really amazing feedback;

“First seminar re RSV and immunisation – data and gaps which we all know exist. The need for a better service than the blue tec forms that we have at present. There should be an opt out scheme which each Unit’s RSV Lead is responsible for rather. Perhaps an automatic code assigned to each infant. RSV Case study was tragic. Not only do we need more infants to be immunised but as an infant is discharged a note attached to the discharge slip with relevant advice to GP’s should also be sent. ALSO RSV video should be shown along with the discharge resus teaching to all parents – it is an excellent and under used resource – should be added as part of the Baby Charter.” 

“The highlight for me was the importance of ensuring babies who are discharged on home oxygen receive RSV vaccines, and to help raise the profile of RSV immunisation by raising awareness on popular platforms such as social media.” 

“The first speaker, listening to the heartbreaking case study but then seeing how that precipitated change was so powerful” 

“RSV topic as hadn’t realised that some babies weren’t receiving the vaccine due to inequality” 

“The RSV session and hadn’t realised the inequality in this issue” 

You can watch the recorded webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbqf0xwkSqc